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We believe technology makes our lives better.

It has a huge impact on how we work, communicate, play and live our lives to the full. But it can only do this well when it's designed with people in mind. Today people expect a great experience while using any kind of technology. If the experience fails, people go elsewhere to find a better one.

Our mission is to design great experiences so your technology will be loved by anyone who uses it.

We've come a long way. And moving forward every day.

1992, the start

Back in 1992, we lived in a very different world. Technology was gaining momentum: the mass adoption of the personal computer, the global rise of the internet, ... they all were technological revolutions.
Sadly, the user was often an afterthought. But we strived to make a difference. We worked with the most forward-thinking companies, who held our usability expertise in high esteem and we felt like usability pioneers.

The recent past

Since then websites emerged, web applications flourished and mobile applications conquered the world. Usability was a given.
User Experience became the new thing because technology moved to the center of peoples' lives.


Today UX is a major strategic differentiator in digital products and services all over the world. That's why we've extended our services with UX Strategy a while ago

The future

The coming years the world will experience a whole new digital future thanks to virtual reality, artificial intelligence and many other revolutions in the making.
Everything will be digitized. We are ready to ensure people will continue to enjoy great experiences in this new world. Are you?

You know your business. We know ours.

Why would you hire a UX consultant?

Because good UX consultants bring a lot to the table:

  • in-depth knowledge on usability, user experience and experience design
  • up to date views on what is happening in the digital world
  • fresh insights in what people are looking for in digital products and services

“The collaboration with Human Interface Group went very smoothly. They were flexible and had an excellent understanding of our needs. The result was professional and extremely useful to us. We have nothing but praise for them.”

Margo Vermeiren, Head of Marketing and Communications

Meet the team

Being a UX consultant is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world: It's exciting, challenging, enriching and rewarding. And it scores pretty high in every 'job-of-future' list too.

“While our consultants are constantly focused on developing their skills and serving our clients, we solve their everyday practical issues. No matter what, just give us a call and we help you out!”

Kelly Goossens,
HR Officer

Robert Walschots,
Office Manager

Enough said about us, let’s talk about you.

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