Finance & UX Event

On April 19th, we welcomed over 40 people keen to find out more about how profitable the perfect blend of Finance and Technology can be. At the beautiful Tivoli Castle, our four speakers shared their experience and point of view on how to create the financial digital experiences of tomorrow.

After their inspiring talks, there was time for everyone to exchange ideas and opinions. In addition to the delicious appetizers, there was plenty of food for thought!

We would like to thank all our clients who were there and we hope to see you all very soon!



Financial digital experiences of tomorrow. Discover how they are created.

It’s a fast race in the financial world, and the game keeps on changing. Financial services get automated by the day, but what does it take to design digital experiences that make your products stand out? Today’s tech-savvy users are looking for authentic, personalized, digital experiences that blend into their mobile devices like gin into tonic.

The following speakers talk about their challenges and recipes for success:

Swift - Tsvetomir Vassilev – Head of UX

Ever wondered why B2B software lags behind when it comes to UX?
Studying the users of B2B software is difficult and UX design is often based on few facts and a lot of deeply rooted assumptions. At SWIFT we went back to basics, created personas and discovered the thin line between customers and users, wants and needs.


Euroclear - Philippe Verriest – Head of Change Management & Tom Debruyckere – Head of Digital Customer Experience

Clients have accompanied us right from the start in developing EasyWay, in what was a new approach for us and them. We discovered we didn’t know our clients’ needs that well. More surprising perhaps, clients themselves didn’t seem to know either what they wanted.
The EasyWay team had to navigate this vast number of unknowns. We'll share with you how we have done that, and what we have learnt along the way.


MeDirect - Patricia Boydens – Business Development Manager

MeDirect is extremely client-centric in its approach: we digitally distribute high quality, transparent and unbiased (open architecture) products and services designed with a human touch and with the demand of clients in mind.  We translate this client-centricity in its product offer, the customer journey and experience.  Or how to build a bank around the best customers.


Sign2Pay - Kristof Vanheusden – Business Development Eurozone

Kristof will talk about the future of mobile payments and the importance of omnichannel.
 How can you prepare for a successful clicks ’n bricks strategy?





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