Masterclass on UX design

What do a digipass, an onboard computer and a car insurance have in common? They are all based on complex business processes that cannot be easily translated into easy-to-understand designs. But when you start from a good UX framework, you will be able to create a great UX design for all these products and services.

Or another question:

What is typical for an accountant, a tennis lover and a broker? They all have a different perceptions and expectations on visual style and taste. But thanks to a well-oiled process of mood boards, concept boards, visual designs and design guides you can serve them all, tailored to their preferences.

This course addresses the two core tenets of UX Design: interaction design and graphic design.

You could learn how to:

  • Take your interaction and graphic design skills to the next level
  • Get insight in how you create great designs, starting from business goals
  • Expand your knowledge on graphic design and design tools


Our UX and Visual Expert, Lore Nuyens, was our expert for this masterclass.





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