Moving the mobile user experience into high gear

You've spent months and months building, coding and tweaking your company's latest mobile app. But the app isn't catching on, reviews are bad and people don't like the experience. What happened? Your responsibility? Maybe, but it can also be that your product managers and designers haven't done their work properly. They've probably jumped into early sketching and wireframing without answering a few fundamental questions about the experience the app needs to offer first. And then apps fail…

As an experienced UX designer, Tommy De Kimpe noticed that many clients struggle with the same core problem: they start thinking in terms of screens too soon and as a result they see their apps fail.

At the Meetup for the mobile community in Belgium (mobel), Tommy will explain how apps fail and what you can do about it.

Tommy is one of two speakers. The other talk will be on a very different, but equally interesting topic: the usefulness of animations in iOS.

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