The Rentree - Direct Digital Shift

We love digital transformation. Gone are the days where your only option was to physically transport yourself to a travel agency, a car dealer or a real estate agent. Today most of us consult Doctor Google before we see a real one. Tomorrow you may talk more frequently to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa than to your breathing family members. And in the years to come you will experience unimaginable things in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

A fascinating future lies ahead, but companies often put a lot of focus on the “digital” part of the transformation, but not so much on the “customer-centric” part of that transformation. And that’s a problem. What you need to do is put your customer at the center of everything you do. You need to start from the central question: “Which positive impact will my solution have on my customer’s life?” Because if you don’t, your digital transformation project might become an expensive nightmare, haunting your career for many years to come.

At Human Interface Group we tackle customer-centric design with our in-house developed UX Strategy framework. One of the key pillars of this framework is mapping the customer journey. It is a powerful technique to visualize the experiences of your customer while using your product or service and what you have to put in place to make that experience stand out from the competition. And that’s an invaluable asset to make sure your product or service is a perfect example of customer-centric digital transformation.


That's what our UX Strategist, Johan Verhaegen, talked about at The RentrĂ©e. 



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