Usability & Testing

In the past 15 years e-shops have evolved into mature and solid sales channels. Proof of that can be found in established features: rich landing pages, advanced search functions, interactive results pages, elaborate product pages, smart customer service tools, and so on.

And yet, e-shops vary in quality: Sometimes online shopping is a breeze, but often complex pages, incomprehensible product categories, complicated search controls and hard-to-use checkout flows result in a horrible user experience.


In this training UX Strategist Johan Verhaegen talks about the most important user experience principles to build a successful e-shop. On top of that you get a lot of practical tips and insights to use right away.

You learn:

  • which user experience strategy to use;
  • what you have to do to make your e-shop work on laptops, tablets and smartphones;
  • what makes a good e-shop and which mistakes you need to avoid;

And as a bonus, we live-test your e-shop!

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