Human Interface Group was a proud partner of WebTomorrow, the biggest conference regarding the Future of Digital!

In a world that is dominated by algorithms, artificial intelligence, robots and virtual realities, a human centered approach becomes more important than ever. That is one of our conclusions of the day.

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On the Future of Marketing stage at WebTomorrow 2016 our UX Strategist Johan Verhaegen hosted an interview panel with 2 outstanding business experts on how to build long-term, personalized relationships with your customers.

Mr. Philippe Coulon from Airbnb and Mr. Philippe Neyt from Corona Direct uncovered their unique approach and shared their experience on what is needed to succeed:

  • Airbnb uses its online recommendations of hosts and guests to create locally customized travel guides for travellers, which complement or replace classic travel guides: www.airbnb.com/locations
  • Corona Direct enhances the insurance experience by investing in smart new technologies. By monitoring driving behavior via its smartphone app Caro, Corona Direct is able to create a much closer relationship with their customer than traditional insurers: www.caro.be

The event took place on June 16 in Expo Ghent, and focused on these 3 groundbreaking topics:

  • Disruption & innovation
  • Future of marketing
  • Startups



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