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Human Interface Group

PwC invests in user experience capabilities:
Human Interface Group brings expertise in creating great experiences

PwC and Human Interface Group are announcing that they have entered into a definitive agreement whereby PwC has acquired 100% of the shares of Human Interface Group, bringing with it deep expertise in user experience in digital products and services.


Jeroen Dom

UX Designer

If you decided you want to deliver great UX it's often difficicult to know where to start. But it's very easy. We start at the beginning. The moment a new user starts discovering your product. We call this process the user onboarding.

In this insight we will give you some information about empty states. These screens are crucial in delivering a sublime user experience during your user onboarding. Let's dive right into it!


Olga Van Broeck

Senior UX Consultant

On January, 13th 2018, a false ballistic missile alert was sent to all people staying in Hawaii, causing widespread panic. The alert was mistakenly issued after a staff member clicked the wrong button. When the biggest mayhem was over, however, it turned out that a poorly designed interface, and not the poor button pusher, was to blame for the fatal error.

The perfect school example of how bad UI can have an impact on real people's lives and food for thought for us, UX professionals. Here's how we would design the user interface of an emergency alert system and prevent another Hawaii blunder to occur in the future.


Maaike Van de Voorde

UX Writer

UX writers use language to connect with users. They do this for every stage of the user experience, and as such succeed in building a long-term quality relationship with them.

UX writers can learn a thing or two from the way women’s magazines use language to connect with their public. These magazines are particularly strong in building a trustworthy relationship with their public to keep it engaged for the longer term.

But how exactly do they do it? And how can UX writers use language to keep users engaged? 


Bloovi Studio

Deze insight kadert in een reeks artikels van Bloovi Studio over Ondernemen.

Ervaren UX designers lopen dun gezaaid, ook al groeit de vraag vanuit de markt. Daarom zitten heel wat bedrijven met de handen in het haar. Met als gevolg dat het gegeerde UX-talent links en rechts wordt weggekaapt. Toch zijn er ook bedrijven die niet bij de pakken blijven zitten. We gingen ons licht opsteken bij Human Interface Group in Mechelen, waar elke individuele werknemer jaarlijks coaching op maat en een persoonlijk opleidingsaanbod krijgt. Dit zorgt ervoor dat niet enkel ervaren profielen maar ook jonge starters met een uitgesproken interesse in user experience er meer dan welkom zijn. We spraken met Valerie L’heureux en Stephanie Decroos over hoe ze dat nu precies aanpakken. “UX is een domein dat voortdurend evolueert, onze mensen constant opleiden en bijscholen is daarom een absolute must!”