Do you like being inspired and challenged by fellow UXers?

Lodi Janssens

UX Designer

I work as a UX Designer and felt flattered when I read an article by Fred Beecher, a renowned User Experience Design director. He stated that all UX professionals are great at what they do because they all share the same typical characteristics.

  • First of all UX professionals have a thick skin. It means we love our profession and we enjoy being challenged in our job. That is indeed a fact.
  • He also calls us people-centered and curious about technology and people. Again very true: we do like to be on top of the latest trends. And people-centered? Obviously, how else can we make good designs except by putting our entire focus on end users.

Having a well-suited character for the job is one thing, developing that character further to become better each day is another. The best way to learn new skills is by being challenged by and share ideas with a team. And that is exactly what we try to do at Human Interface Group during our Co-Creation days.

A Co-Creation day is a full day for collaborating, challenging and inspiring. We brainstorm together to solve hard-ass design problems. We give eye-opening presentations about the newest techniques in our profession. We share ideas and experiences so they can be used in other projects, too. And in between there is always entertainment so that we all get to know each other a little bit better and can produce even better work as a team.

So if you are curious about people and technology, you like to be challenged and collaborating with your fellow team members is what you are looking for, why not get on board and we will help you to become the very best UX professional you can be!

Want to know what a typical Co-Creation day looks like? Take a look at our video: 



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