Great UX is what we live and breathe … so we also blog about it!

Tommy De Kimpe

UX Expert

Because of the growing importance of user experience, people with UX skills are in high demand and it may take you some time to identify, convince and hire the right persons. And since a lot of people consider themselves ‘UX experts’, it can be a daunting and time-consuming challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff.
With 6 to-the-point questions, I'll help you decide which skills you need to build a successful UX team.


Johan Verhaegen

UX Strategist


A lot of companies have Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Genetic Engineering somewhere on their roadmap right now. It seems the sensible thing to do if you don’t want to get left behind.

However, it’s not only companies that risk being left behind, it’s people too. While technology evolves at an exponential rate, we poor human beings evolve in a much slower, linear way.

That’s slightly disconcerting, both from a human and a business perspective. But it doesn't have to be.


Lore Nuyens

UX Expert

We use Hotjar to gather quantitative user feedback on websites. Thanks to the heat maps, you gain insight into what your visitors are doing on your website, and using the built-in surveys, you can also find out why your visitors are doing what they’re doing.

We’re excited not only about what this tool can do, but also about how easy it is to get the hang of it. The technical term for this would be: excellent user onboarding. When you do it right, you can turn your users into real fans. Just like Hotjar!


Pentair Thermal Management

Pentair Thermal Management is a full-service designer and integrator of optimized heat management systems. For over 50 years, this company knows that innovation and customer satisfaction are the keys to success. With the help of Human Interface Group, the company recently developed a user-friendly and innovative floor heating thermostat for the international market.

In this interview Patrick Hendrickx, Product Manager at Pentair Thermal Management, talks about developing the Raychem SENZ thermostat together with Human Interface Group.


Johan Verhaegen

UX Strategist

Are your customers happy with your e-shop? Not an easy question to answer, is it?

Using analytics software, you can find out how easy or difficult it is for your customers to navigate through your shop. But just because you can see what is happening, doesn’t mean you know why it’s happening. To find out the reasons, you’ll have to go out and talk to your customers.

With the right combination of tools and fieldwork, you’ll measure your customers’ satisfaction about your e-shop a lot more efficiently.