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Johan Verhaegen

UX Strategist

Are your customers happy with your e-shop? Not an easy question to answer, is it?

Using analytics software, you can find out how easy or difficult it is for your customers to navigate through your shop. But just because you can see what is happening, doesn’t mean you know why it’s happening. To find out the reasons, you’ll have to go out and talk to your customers.

With the right combination of tools and fieldwork, you’ll measure your customers’ satisfaction about your e-shop a lot more efficiently.



Euroclear is an international provider in post trade services, headquartered in Brussels. They offer products and services to more than 2,000 clients in 50 different countries. Their clients are very diverse in what they do and how they work. That probably sounds familiar. But how do you deal with that?

In a 3 minute video, Tom Debruyckere, Head of Digital Customer Experience, shares his insights...


Lodi Janssens

UX Designer

I work as a UX Designer and felt flattered when I read an article by Fred Beecher, a renowned User Experience Design director. He stated that all UX professionals are great at what they do because they all share the same typical characteristics.

Having a well-suited character for the job is one thing, developing that character further to become better each day is another. The best way to learn new skills is by being challenged by and share ideas with a team. And that is exactly what we try to do at Human Interface Group during our Co-Creation days.


Johan Verhaegen

UX Strategist

Offering value is the start of every great digital experience. A digital product that doesn't provide clear value to customers is doomed by definition. 

But building a valuable product is one thing, convincing users that it is valuable to them is another. You might have put tremendous effort in your product and you might be convinced of its phenomenal value, but are your users? Do they care?

You might have overlooked an essential aspect of every valuable technology: you need to get your users on board and keep them there. Enter User Onboarding.


Johan Verhaegen

UX Strategist

My 14 year old son never has been into consuming daily news. To him, news websites contain way too much ‘uninteresting stuff’ and I doubt whether the news that pops up in his Facebook status and YouTube channel gets any of his attention. Until I showed him Quartz, an app that serves up news in conversation style.

Does it work? It sure does! Why? It’s the value that keeps him coming back.