Flaw in UX shows FitBit users more active than previously thought

With data leakages wreaking havoc all over the place (Ashley Madison, anyone?) you’d think people are more careful with what they put online. Unfortunately for several FitBit users, this is not the case. Due to a weakness in the coding of the fitness website, information on the activity levels of several users was leaked. Here’s the kicker: FitBit allows users to register sexual activity as part of their daily activity levels. Perfectly reasonable, of course.

The fatal UX design flaw, however, was in the fact that the default privacy settings for sex stats are anything other than private. Now, the activity statistics for many users—including their “sexercise”—were up for grabs through any search engine. Although FitBit shut down the leak almost immediately, the information was left up long enough for several screenshots to be made.

Way to go, Jeff!

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