Jessa Hospital shows medical information & tests results in ‘near real-time’

Until recently, when your doctor referred you to a specialist, your information and specifics would just be sent by mail. Maybe e-mail, if your doctor was very tech-savvy. Since this is very personal data – after all, it is your medical history and condition – privacy is a major issue. And let’s be honest: we all know that (e-)mail and privacy don’t go well together.

That is one of the reasons why Jessa Hospital, one of Flanders’s biggest hospitals, decided they wanted a digital portal website where any doctor could find the relevant files, lab results, and even x-rays mere minutes after they were taken.

Human Interface Group helped Jessa Hospital:

  • develop a design vision;
  • draw out concepts;
  • organize focus groups for the end users to talk about their ideas.

Through actively involving the end users, the doctors and specialists in this case, we could ensure the best user experience for the doctors, and the best possible hospital experience for the patients.

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