Ralph Lauren’s Smartshirt measures your vital medical stats

Do you ever wonder if wearables could be more practical? Ralph Lauren did, which is why he designed a special shirt for the more sportive fashionistas.

The Polo Tech Shirt, a compressing sleek black design, has a sensor on the ribcage and silver thread woven throughout the fabric. Its purpose would be to:

  • measure heart rate, stress levels, and general exertion
  • immediately transmit these data to a phone or computer and
  • analyze and monitor the sportsman.

The shirt premiered at the US Open on August 31st, but your house and garden fitness fanatic will have to wait just a little while longer.

However, the Polo Tech Shirt is not just interesting for the top tennis players, marathon runners and fitness addicts among us. It could easily have a purpose in healthcare: people with heart arrhythmia, breathing problems, and issues with being active could benefit greatly from a shirt that warns them—and a healthcare provider—if their stats go out of the ordinary.

It would seem “smart clothing” has the possibility to be the next big thing, and if so, what is next? Smartypants?

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